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Best Meat Grinder Buying Guide


The Best Meat grinder come in several different forms. There are manual grinders, mixer attachment, and standalone grinders. Manual grinders use a handle to turn the blade that grinds the meat. Standalone grinders, on the other hand, are powered electrically. In most cases, a standalone grinder is intended for regular use. These are factors to consider when buying a meat grinder. It is important to choose the grinder that best suits everyday needs. I found a great website which talks about meat grinders. You can go check it out here:


All meat grinders include basic parts that work together to create the grinder as a whole. There is a hopper where the meat is added. The pusher literally pushes the meat down the feed tube. There is a tray to hold excess meat before it enters the feed. There is even a screw that pushes meat into the blade.

These are all features to attempt to understand before purchasing a meat grinder. Understanding how the grinder works can help to use the grinder properly. There are other additional pieces that are included in different models that offer more power and increased functionality. The best meat grinder reviews can help point out different features on various grinders.


When using a meat grinder, proper maintenance is required to ensure safety. There is special care needed for individual pieces. The most important piece on a grinder is the blade. The blade will need regular sharpening to guarantee consistent results when grinding. Additionally, use a grinder that offers easy cleaning and maintenance.

One of the biggest hazards of using a meat grinder is unintentionally leaving small pieces of meat on the grinder. This can easily contaminate meat during future use. It is important to become familiar with the sanitizing and cleaning process associated with the grinder.


When buying a meat grinder, it is important to choose a grinder that is constructed with quality parts. This will ensure that the grinder will endure frequent use. Some grinder and parts are designed using high-impact plastic or aluminium. Depending on the amount of use it is important to purchase a grinder that is durable. Most grinders use highly durable materials like stainless steel.


The best meat grinders are available in many shapes and sizes. However, one factor to pay attention to is the amount of power. Power ranges significantly among grinders, but depending how fast meat needs to be ground, more power may be required. When purchasing a grinder, it is important to pay attention to the amount of power a grinder has. Both horsepower and watts have a direct effect on the grinder’s ability.

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Sunmile 1.3 HP SM-G50 Meat Grinder Review


The Sunmile SM-G50 offer 350 watts of rated power and 1000 watts of max power. The SM-G50 is moderately stronger than both the SM-G73 model and the SM-G33. This grinder also comes with a full set of accessories; however, the SM-G50 grinds 200 lbs of meat per hour. The SM-G50 has a Stainless Steel cutting blade and 3 Stainless Steel cutting plates.

This model offers an easy to use Reverse/Reset/On/Off switch. This model incorporates a cord and accessories storage. There is a metal gear box, a die-cast aluminum grinder head, and an aluminum meat tray. The meat tray is removable and offers an increased meat capacity. This grinder, as with all Sunmile products, is UL certified. Additionally, Sunmile offers 1-Year manufacturer warranty on the SM-G50.

The SM-G50 is an excellent grinder with impressive functionality. This grinder is easy to use and simple to operate. Although the SM-G50 is reasonably priced, the grinder is extremely durable. This model is conveniently sized and does not take up as much counter space as other models.

The SM-G50 grinds meat as professionally as any butcher. The SM-G50 is easy to clean and simple to dismantle. As with most Sunmile grinders, the motor is extremely durable and offers increased usage. The G50 is maintained by UL standards and the ISO9001 standards guarantee quality and efficiency.

The 3 Types of Meat Grinder

Manual Grinders

  • Manual grinders are one of the cheaper ways to get quality ground meat in the home
  • These grinders are a perfect option for the casual grinder that does not own a standalone mixer
  • Manual grinders use a handle to manually turn the blade that grinds the meat
  • Manual grinders are available as bolt-mounted grinders and clamp-mounted models

Meat Grinder Attachments

  • All major brands have specific attachments that make grinders multi-purpose
  • Attachments are a perfect option for making sausage, burgers, grading cheese, making bread crumbs, making jerky etc.
  • Attachments help grind meat, vegetables, and ingredients directly into a processor bowl

Standalone Grinders

  • Ideal for hunters, butchers, and users that grind large amounts of meat
  • This type of grinder typically comes with a wide range of plates, feed tubes, and screw shafts
  • The motor is generally stronger and more powerful than other grinders and this grinder is typically larger in size

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